2021-08- 5 05:05 JST

Weeping Willow White Wine

ウィーピング・ウィロウ 白ワイン
Blends and Varietals
White Wine
12° Residual Sugar: 5g/L

Special Characteristics

From one of Chile’s most dynamic wineries, specialising in very competitively priced deals for its importers. While the plant is situated in the heart of Chile’s wine growing area, the grapes come from a variety of different regions in the constant search for attractive, harmonious, easy-drinking wines. The technical team behind this wine is considered perhaps the best in Chile. With a wealth of experience from which to draw, this wine was prepared using only best practices, supported by state-of-the-art equipment. We pride ourselves in offering excellent service, the result of an attention-to-detail that is second to none.

Notes From Our Winemaker

This crisp white wine has hints of tropical fruits on the nose. On the palate it is very fresh,
with balanced acidity; and, has subtle notes of peach. A very friendly wine that can go well
with a broad range of dishes, specially sushi.

Recommended Serving Tempreture

Weeping Willow

blends and varietals

古いウィーピング・ウィロウ(Weeping Willow)がわたしたちのブドウ畑の小さな川のほとりから発見されました。それは収穫の終わりにワインの最初のボトルがその枝の下に開かれている当社の長期務めた伝統です; そして、夏の太陽の下で苦労してすべてのブドウを選ぶのでした。


An old Weeping Willow is found at the end of our vineyards, on the banks of a small river. It is our long-served tradition that at the end of the harvest the first bottles of wine are opened underneath its branches; and, enjoyed by those that toiled under the summer sun to pick all the grapes.

The perfect reward for many days of hard work.