2020-11-28 19:55 JST

Bodegaza White Wine

ボデガサ 白ワイン
Generic blend
White Wine
D.O. Valle Central
Claudio Gonçalves
Estate bottled


The grapes come from our estate vineyards in Villa Alegre, 285 km south of Santiago in the Maule Valley. The soils are derived from volcanic ash and consist of sandy to sandy-loam earth. The vineyards are flat and receive an excellent exposure to sunlight. The yields are carefully controlled so as to produce concentrated and elegant wines.


The Villa Alegre region of Chile has a Mediterraneanstyle climate. Winter rains are plentiful and summers are dry with marked temperature variations between day and night, thereby allowing the grapes to obtain superb tannin development as well as excellent aromas and colour concentration.


The white grapes were harvested by hand early in the morning at the middle of March. We used only the low pressure to ferment in stainless steel tanks with select yeast at temperatures ranging from 12° to 14°C during a twenty-day period, allowing the extraction varietals aromas. Prior to bottling, the wines is stabilized and filtered carefully to keep all the fruit.

Notes From Our Winemaker

Our white wine has a intense yellow color.
Its prominent aromas of peach, with floral notes. In the mouth is crispy, refreshing and long.
It matches appetizers, ceviche, seafood and green salads

Recommended Serving Tempreture

10° - 11°C


  • * Generic blend level


カトリックの宣教師たちは、ワイン作りに最適なチリの気候条件に目をつけ(おそらくその効果を楽しんで! ) ぶどうを発酵させ、ワインづくりを成功させました。


Chilean wine was born in the late fifteenth century when Spanish missionaries arrived here.

These Catholic priests, adapting well to the perfect climatic conditions for wine making (and perhaps enjoying its effects!), became masterful in fermenting grapes into wine.

What we now know to be wineries, where these early wines were produced, were then known as Bodegazas.