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18 Gran Reserva Carménère

エイティーン グラン・レゼルバ カルメネール
Gran Reselva
D.O. Maule Valley
Claudio Gonçalves
En origen

Special Characteristics

Las uvas provienen de una selección especial de cuarteles 3 y 12 de nuestras mejores viñas de Villa Alegre, Valle del Maule, que son especialmente manejados y controlados con una máxima carga de seis toneladas por hectárea (2.4 toneladas por acre) y alta exposición de la fruta, produciendo un vino altamente concentrado para poder guardar. De este vino, 20% es guardado en tanques de acero inoxidables para maximizar los sabores, entregar taninos maduros y excelente color. El vino es envejecido en barricas francesas nuevas por aproximadamente 12 meses; y, producción total es de alrededor de 50,000 botellas.


The grapes come from our estate vineyards in Villa Alegre, 285 km south of Santiago in the Maule Valley. The soils are derived from volcanic ash and consist of sandy to sandy-loam earth. The vineyards are flat and receive an excellent exposure to sunlight. The yields are carefully controlled so as to produce concentrated and elegant wines.


The Villa Alegre region of Chile has a Mediterranean- style climate. Winter rains are plentiful and summers are dry with marked temperature variations between day and night, thereby allowing the grapes to obtain superb tannin development as well as excellent aromas and color concentration.


The Cabernet sauvignon grapes were harvested a few days before. In order to extract color and aromas the must underwent skin contact at low temperatures prior to alcoholic fermentation during five days. The must is then fermented in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts at temperatures ranging between 26° to 28°C during a ten days period.. The wine is then left to macerate for twenty additional days in order to extract tannin and then placed in oak barrels eighteen month, 80% French oak and 20% American oak. At the end the wine is bottled without filtering to maintain its extraordinary qualities.

Notes From Our Winemaker

This is an intense, complex wine with aromas of pepper, Black berries, red peppers and hazelnut. In
the mouth it has a good structure, with velvet tannins, Ideal as a company for roast beef, pork, pasta
and fresh cheese

Recommended Serving Tempreture

16° - 17°C

18 Gran Reserva

  • * Gran Reserva level


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Our wines, simply called 18, honour Chile’s Independence Day; and, the indiginous, proud locals who managed to reconquer its lands from the Spanish on 18th September 1810. This brand underlies our spirit of perseverance and love of the land… and of course all it produces.

These wines were hand picked, with the utmost care, in small baskets from the very best parcels within our premium vineyard sites, aged in oak for several months, resulting in these complex, harmonious wines.