2021-08- 5 04:59 JST

Chile Terra Bendita Wine

Chile is the best known of South America’s producing regions. A long thin strip of land wedged between the magnificent Andes Mountain Range and the vast Pacific Ocean.

Chile itself has many appellations which run from the desert north through to the cold, wet south. The diversity of its terroirs allows for agronomists to select ideal parcels of land to draw on the potential of each clone per variety.

Significant seasonal differences are rare in this winemakers’ paradise, which gives for year-on-year consistency in terms of wine quality.

Cabernet Sauvignon(9347 ha)
Merlot(2937 ha)
Carmenere(1565 ha)
Sauvignon Blanc(1651 ha)
Chardonnay(1472 ha)
(from: Wine book)